Final Class Project: History 270
"The Victory of Horus"
A Sacred Drama of Ancient Egypt

As a collective project in lieu of a final examination, students will stage under--their own direction--a production of the Egyptian sacred drama, "The Victory of Horus." They will divide themselves into a number of study group/production teams to discuss the drama and to adapt and mount the play in a public place on campus, for which they will be graded.

Project Presentation: Slide Show of "The Victory of Horus: A Sacred Drama of Ancient Egypt" (click to open)

NOTE: On 20 April 2000, the students of History 270 of the College of Charleston, under the instruction of Prof. Peter Piccione, publicly staged their adaptation of the "Victory of Horus" in the central courtyard of the College of Charleston before Randolph Hall. The local newspaper and television station covered the event. The production was photographed and professionally videotaped for educational purposes. Copies of the videotape are available for public distribution. (Click here for information on ordering a copy.)

Still images from that production are presented here as a streaming slide show. This slide presentation requires RealPlayer® to view it. Open the link above to access the slide show or to download a free copy of RealPlayer, if it is not already installed on your computer.

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