"The Victory of Horus"
Scenes and Details from the
Sacred Drama of Egypt

Adapted from H. W. Fairman, The Triumph of Horus (London, 1974).
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Introduction and
Boarding the Boats

Act I, "The Harpoon Ritual"
Scene 1:
The First Strike
against Seth
Scene 2:
The Second Strike
against Seth
Scene 3:
Seth is Caught Fast
by Six Harpoons
Scene 4:
The Eighth Harpoon
Strikes Seth;
Interlude: Slaying the Sabet-Cobras
for Isis
Scene 5:
Seth is brought down by
the Tenth Harpoon

Act II, "Rejoicing over the Victory"
Scene 1:
Exhortation to Horus;
Pharaoh Attacks Seth
Scene 2:
Horus is Crowned and Vested
with Royal Insignia

Act III, "The Celebration of the Victory"
Scene 1:
The First Dismemberment
of Seth
Scene 2:
Sympathetic Magic:
Pharaoh Slays Nubia
Scene 3:
The Final Dismemberment
of Seth

Horus Triumphant
---(no vignette)---

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