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Theban Tombs Publication Project
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Peter A. Piccione, Ph.D.,
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The Tombs of Ahmose (no. 121) and Rây (no. 72)

Introduction: Project Description
A brief description of the goals, activities, and history of the project, the significant issues it faces, and their resolutions; a Web brochure (of sorts)

Project Preliminary Findings
Detailed descriptions of the activities and findings of the project, lecture transcript, paper abstracts, photos, conservation reports, bibliography, etc.

Project Staff

Project Benefactors
Acknowledgements of the project's benefactors, donors, and friends. These are the good people and organizations who make the project possible: folks who have generously donated funds to support the work; companies which have freely provided equipment, services, and supplies or which have rented equipment at less than nominal rates; friends and colleagues, including Egyptian officials, who have supported the work or assisted in any manner, expediting our activities and making our efforts a success. To them we owe the greatest debt of thanks. Allah yibarak fikum!

Project Reports
Reports to donors and benefactors and official annual field reports to Egyptian governmental authorities describing the activities and findings of the project in any season

About the Serapis Research Institute
Statement detailing the history, goals, and organization of the Serapis Research Institute, a private not-for-profit, tax-exempt, educational organization incorporated in the State of Illinois to further professional Egyptological research.

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