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The Tombs of Ahmose (no. 121) and Rây (no. 72)
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Project Reports

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Annual Reports to the Supreme Council for Egyptian Antiquities

The Supreme Council for Egyptian Antiquities (SCA) is the specific Egyptian governmental authority charged with safeguarding the ancient monuments of Egypt and overseeing the work of all Egyptologists among the pharaonic, Coptic, and Muslim antiquities. The SCA is a functioning unit of the Ministry of Culture of the Arab Republic of Egypt, and the Secretary-General of the SCA reports immediately to the Minister of Culture, who is a cabinet officer of the Egyptian government.

Only professionally trained Egyptologists and their support crews affiliated with accredited universities, museums, and research institutes that are recognized by the Supreme Council for Egyptian Antiquities are permitted to work among the Egyptian monuments. All expeditions must be approved and certified by the SCA for each season of work, and all expeditions are required to submit a report to the SCA following each archaeological field season recounting their activities and findings. Copies of official reports of the Theban Tombs Publication Project to the SCA are included here:

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